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Repair and Restoration Work

Refret and Setup Work

In order to get maximum satisfaction in the playability and sound of a mandolin, the fretwork, nut, bridge and string height / action need to be set up to the player’s preferences.

Frets will wear in time with playing, causing playability, buzzing and intonation problems.

Buzzing of strings in the nut slots may occur with replacement of strings, damage to the nut and dirt.

Poor contact between the bridge and the soundboard, and a poorly made bridge, will reduce volume and tone. 

Over the years, many instrument have been brought to me and I have found great satisfaction in carrying out this work.

Neck Resets and Body Rebuilds

I have had several vintage instruments brought to me that were treasured by their owners, but were in extreme states of structural and cosmetic failure. These types of rebuilds, usually involving removal of necks, soundboards or backboards and other elements of the instrument, are not for the faint-hearted and require careful planning, research band creativity. The outcomes, when done correctly, are very satisfying for the luthier and the owner. 

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