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Standard Models
A5 Bluegrass Mandolin

There is a line of thought amongst the bluegrass and acoustic folk music community that an A5 mandolin is the poor cousin of the F5, which is usually reflected in the price difference between the two models.

I am of a different mind, in that I know that the construction details of the body chamber, neck and peghead are almost identical between and F5 and an A5 mandolin. The traditional scroll, corner points and elaborate peghead of an F5 mandolin, while being aesthetically pleasing, do not contribute to the acoustic and tonal qualities of the instrument. Provided that an A5 is well-built to the same specifications as an F5 (ie same quality tonewoods, thicknesses and graduations etc), and it is tap-tuned and voiced, there is no reason why it should not be as vociferous and tonal as an F5 mandolin.


Price:                                    $4,500 (excl case & shipping)   

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