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Standard Models
F5 Bluegrass Mandolin




A well-built, voiced and vociferous F5 mandolin is the most sought after instrument from a bluegrass or acoustic folk music standpoint. I have studied the instruments that were built by Gibson in the “golden era” of the early 1920’s of mandolins under the legendary acoustic engineer, Lloyd Loar, and also ventured to the USA to undertake a mandolin construction course with Roger Siminoff, luthier and author. I base my mandolins on drawings obtained from Siminoff of these early Gibsons and follow them empathically.  However, I also “listen” to the instrument as I build it and use tap-tuning techniques to arrive at final thicknesses, graduations and shapes of the various body components.  My mandolins are hand-built using manual tools and are finished with the traditional hand-rubbed and French-Polished shellac finish, which is the ultimate finish to achieve the best possible acoustic result.


Price:                                    $6,000 (excl case & shipping)    

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