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Custom Work on Mandolins

Mandolins are an extension of your personality and make-up, and it is satisfying for your instrument to reflect and be to your likings.


The following work can be incorporated into a mandolin build order provided that all details and the price are agreed when an order is placed.


Custom Inlays and Tailpiece Engraving


Peghead and / or fretboard inlays in either mother of pearl, abalone or shell can be provided based on a customer’s design provided the final design can be achieved in the material requested.  


The James hinged cast aluminium tailpieces that are used on my mandolins offer a great opportunity for personalized engraving


Other custom work that can be incorporated into a mandolin build order includes:


  • Left-handed instruments

  • Pickguards / fingerrests – nitrocellulose tortis , bound or un-bound

  • Extra width of neck

  • Customized  neck profiles

  • Hard cases

  • Straps

  • Tortis binding

  • Custom color stain design

  • Specific fret sizes

Greg Dunn

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