Gibson ES335 Tribute Guitar

Apart from Bluegrass music, my other music passion is the Blues. Having witnessed many great blues guitarists playing the iconic guitars over the years, one stood out to me – the Gibson ES-335 , especially the 1959 dot inlay version which was the pinnacle of Gibson's development of the semi-acoustic partly hollow - bodied / archtop electric guitars.

In between mandolins in 2012, I researched the building of one of these, thinking that it would not be dissimilar to building a mandolin, but on a bigger scale.

I researched the building of jazz guitars but eventually found a builder in Traverse City, Michigan USA, who specialized in Gibson ES-335's and he was exceptionally helpful in my little side-track.

The guitar was finally finished in July 14, after it was a promised loan to the lead guitarist / vocalist of a band with members from three states holding a reunion gig in Brisbane. It has proven to be an outstanding success as a tribute to the famous 1959 Gibson model, and was sold to a lucky guitarist in Melbourne.

Greg Dunn